Why are Mobile App Development Services in India Rising?

India is being widely accepted as a region where one can fulfill their digital marketing needs. This has become so much possible with the increasing number of companies that offers the web and mobile application development services. Another reason why India is gaining immense popularity is that most of the agencies in India are making use of certain platforms that are making the applications better.

Mobile applications are much needed owing to the increasing use of the devices because people are more comfortable in viewing things on their mobile than going and opening their laptops and desktops. Mobile application development services in India are growing because the use of the tools and platforms.

The tools that are being used to create these applications are:


It is a superb platform which fits a larger part of the necessity. The bigger companies do prefer to use it for their website. This is because it offers a better cross platform development. It can also test and monitor applications and remove out specific problems. It also helps in improving the application so that the owners can get better business out of it.

The advantages of using Xamarin are that it offers native UI to access the OS based software and devices based hardware features with easy coding. The development is fast and cloud integration is possible in it.


This is another well-known platform. The developers expect that they might be topping the list in 2017.It is an open source tool which depends on Apache Cordova. It is free. The best part is that it is adaptable to the multiple platforms like windows, IOS, Android, and others. The developers are not required to have knowledge of the different platforms. In it, the pages can be made using the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It enables the use of several styles.

Appcelerator Titanium

This tool concentrates on high-quality application development that is also effective. The titanium part makes use of the JavaScript that makes the Android and iOS applications. This tool is good for using if the company information of the client is sensitive as it offers virtual private cloud choice. The tool is very fast and possesses the ability to change codes over 60 to 90 percent.

Thus, the use of these applications and tools are making companies from outside as well as in India deliberately choose these companies. What has come up additionally is that people are selecting android development company in India as there are more android users than any others types of mobile phones.


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